For outdoor enthusiast or tourist who likes to hike a mountain once in a while, Fuji is highly recommended. Fujisan is the tallest mountain in Japan with the height of 3776m.

There are several ways to reach there. You can use bus, drive or train.

Routemap from Tokyo Station to Fujiyoshida. Accessible by train.

However, train would be the most convenient mode of transportation. Here is step by step guide to Fuji with probably the cheapest option:

  1. Use JR-East or Chuo Line connecting to Takao. If you are from Tokyo Station, choose Chuo Line (Rapid). Do not go with Local because you will have to stop and transfer and the train does not reach Takao. Be aware with the train number because sometimes English instructions rarely appear on the display monitor. Just ensure the number is correct and it stops at Takao. The journey will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Chuo Line Rapid : Main destination is Takao. Here you can also stop to hike Mount Takao.

2.  Fom Takao, change to the line going to Otsuki (Limited Express Kaiji to Kofu) where you have to move to another platform. The train ride will take another 1 hour.

While waiting for the next train to Otsuki
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Takao Station. You need to transfer from Platform 2 to Platform 4 to Otsuki.
JR Line Routemap from Takao to Otsuki

3.  From Otsuki, take Fujisan Express (located next to Otsuki Station) which has frequency of every 30 minutes. The price is slightly higher but it has only 3 stops (two of them are Fujisan and Kawaguchiko). So, you will reach the destination faster. Stop at Kawaguchiko or Fujiyoshida and take the bus to 5th station of Yoshida Trail. Here is the detail guide at Otsuki Station :Fuji Express Guide

The path going to Fuji San Express is at the right side of Otsuki Station entrance.

So it is that easy. Next time if you have chance to visit Japan, do visit Mt Fuji and climb to the summit if possible.