Not so long ago back in 2013, I went for a 10 days road trip with my best buddy. It was the first ever oversea road trip since I started working in Kuala Lumpur.

With a car set in place and a sopir (driver) fetching us in Yogjakarta we sailed through the busy roads of Java. Oh yeah, it was a one of a kind experience. Being a noob in travelling abroad like this caused us to stumble so many new experience along the way.

The main places that we had in our mind was Yogyakarta, Bromo and Bali. However, along the way we made a sweet detour to Ijen. I definitely made a right decision to go there.

I wish I had an idea back then. I should have recorded the total of miles we travelled. Last year, I lost the itinerary and costing of this trip because of iOS upgrade. I saved them in my Ipad. I’ll try my best to recall.

It was a crazy idea for me to go for a road trip and try to limit the budget. It did burst to be honest. We made some ad hock decisions that affect our budgeting especially from East to Bali. Nonetheless, I did not have any regret. A good traveller should never have a regret over his travel.

Checkout my journey for this road trip:

Yogyakarta  —>  East Java —> Bali