Perak is one of the best states in Malaysia. In terms of nature and attractions, Perak would be top 5 in my list. My family and me would have to cross the state to visit my mother’s family in the north. Perak has never failed to impress a young boy like me and I still do love driving in Perak.

I had the chance to drive in so many places in Perak but I have to admit that, there are still roads and places which I have not explored yet. I will definitely update it here if I get the chance to do it. For now, I would like to share the interesting places that I stopped to visit while on the road trip.


Located in between Kedah, Penang and Selangor, Perak has so many places  worth stopping for. The state is also bounded by a mountain range that we called Titiwangsa Range. Let’s cut it short and move ahead with my list of places.

FYI, the road trips that I have planned is also inspired from this website. Check it out. You will find great info about Perak.


1. Gua Tempurung

The cave is located near Gopeng. If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur using PLUS, take exit at Gopeng. From the exit there will be another 27 km and then, you will reach the cave. You do not need to book in advance but it is always good to arrive early to avoid heavy downpour later in the afternoon (tropical region is known for afternoon thunderstorm).  There are 3 ways to enjoy the cave.

Gua Tempurung – taken from Wikipedia

i.  just a simple walk on the boardwalk and you won’t get wet.

ii. go for more adventurous journey in the cave. You will be in the dark and probably wet but won’t be too long and too adventurous.

iii. Get into more extreme adventure where you have to crawl, get wet and stay in the dark for about 2 hours.

I will personally choose the third option. It was challenging and fun indeed. I love it and would do it again for sure. For those who have claustrophobia etc, this is a good time to test yourself. I am sorry, I don’t have pictures in the cave because I did not have good camera at that time.

Tour Packages for the Caving

Capture6Here is the link to obtain more info on Gua Tempurung:  Gua Tempurung

2.  Kellie’s Castle

Kellie’s Castle is located not far from Gopeng. You are gonna need to drive for 25 minutes to Batu Gajah. The castle is located in the middle of nowhere (sort of). At first sight it does look like abandoned colonial era mansion. Not worth seeing. But the history behind it makes the castle a fascinating place to visit.

Warning: You need to pay RM2 for parking fee and RM4 for entrance fee. RM5 for foreigner.

Just go room by room and read the story posted on the walls. For enthusiastic amateur photographer and models, this would be a great outdoor studio for you.



3. Cameron Highlands

I am quite fortunate because I stay in Kuala Lumpur. I could come back again to Perak anytime on weekend. But if you have to choose where to go after spending time at Gua Tempurung and Kellie’s Castle, you should opt to go to Cameron Highlands.

There are two main roads going to Cameron Highlands. If you would like more thrilling ride with minimum view, you should choose the Tapah-Cameron Highlands route. Take exit from PLUS at Tapah Exit. However, be wary that the road is very windy. You might get sick, car sick and bored with the endless curves.

The other road is easier and more scenic I believe. The route is also much closer to Ipoh. Take exit from PLUS at Simpang Pulai Exit.


Scenic view along the road.

Cameron Highlands is slightly colder than low lands. The air is also fresher. Even though Cameron Highlands is technically located in Pahang, it is definitely more accessible from Perak. The highland is also a popular weekend gateway and also famous among outdoor enthusiasts for the Irau trails and other mountains.

On the last trip, we booked an apartment in Copthorne Hotel through Agoda and got it surprisingly with a good deal.

Cameron Highlands is also perfect for a short term stay. Here is what I would suggest:

Day 1: Arrive mid day and visit the market at Brinchang, strawberry farms, and other farms. At night, drive to Tanah Rata to eat dinner. Sleep early.

Day 2: Wake up early at 5am and drive all the way up to Brinchang Peak. Wait for sunrise and then stop at Mossy Forest for a short stroll.

Sunrise from Mount Brinchang peak
Mossy forest
Standing on both Perak and Pahang
The elevation

Then head down to Boh Tea Farm.


Don’t forget to stop at cactus farm a little bit further down after Tanah Rata.


4. Lata Kinjang

I visited the tall waterfall but disappointed with the cleanliness. The visitors are just irresponsible for not maintaining the waterfall. Nevertheless, it is worth visiting this waterfall. You could see it from PLUS highway clearly.

Lata Kijang

5. Teluk Intan

The town is located next the Perak River and not very far from the river mouth. To get here, you need to take exit from PLUS at Bidor Exit. Or, if you prefer more adventurous route, try use the country road instead. On my last trip, I drove from Batu Gajah and discovered many interesting things along the way. Notably is the accent of the locals. We stopped to buy snacks from the hawker and they were very friendly to us. I love the sardine puff. The taste is still vivid on my mind.

Information on Teluk Intan

Pisa is not the only leaned tower in the world. There is an Asian version located at Teluk Intan, Perak. I was fascinated more by the  classical design of this tower. We could see that there is an influence from Chinese pagoda. It was build in 1885 by a Chinese builder as a water tower supplying the town.

I believe the tower was built on a soft ground which is typical for river banks or point bars. However, I did not have it as a fact. I will do more research on the tower in the future.



4. Ipoh

I have visited Ipoh many times and I admit that I took my trip to this city for granted. In the future you will see more post about Ipoh (I promise). One notable experience is the lunch that we had at Nasi Ganja (Vanggey). It was so hot and spicy that I have to deal with stomach upsets for the next 2 days.

Nasi Vanggey – random image from internet

Here is the list of what things to do in Ipoh:  All About Ipoh

For a nerd like me, I would love to visit Geology Museum in Ipoh and read myself the geological history of Perak. The state itself is a geological wonder. Not far from the city is the limestone reefs formed blocks of hills which can be seen along PLUS highway in between Tapah Exit to Jelapang Exit. You will be amazed, trust me.

More images and updates in the future when I get the chance to visit Ipoh again.

6. Kuala Kangsar

If you have more time or if you are on the way to Royal Belum, Kuala Kangsar is the town to visit. Kuala Kangsar is a royal town where castles and royal cemeteries are located. The uniqueness about this town is the location where it is situated at the banks of Perak River.

Ubudiah Mosque is one of the main attractions. The mosque is almost 100 years old and was completed in 1917. The internal architecture is even more mesmerizing.



7. Royal Belum

You may need to save this place for another weekend or extend your stay in Perak. Royal Belum should not be missed by anybody ever. The road going to this place is fine and wide. But it will take you about 2 hours from Kuala Kangsar to reach the jetty. Here is the link to my last post on Royal Belum


Sunset at Royal Belum
Boat ride


Honorable Mentioned (will update in the future)

  1. Taiping

I have been to Taiping few times before and as a matter of fact, I was born there. There are many attractions like Bukit Larut, The Park and Night Safari. So far, I have not had the chance to do more research and coverage on the nice town. In the future I would definitely update about Taiping.

2. Pasir Salak

The history is strong in this town. So far, I did not have the chance to visit. Maybe one day I will have time to discover the area.

4. White water rafting

So far, the most popular ones are Gopeng and Slim River but I did not have the opportunity to try it. It would be awesome though. Let me know if you are planning to do it, I would like to join.

5. Lumut area and Pangkor

I have been to these places for Outward Bound School. Not sure if I should include it here since the trip was not a holiday. In the future, I will drive to this area and give you full coverage.

6. Larut and Matang

Further north from Lumut and to the west of Taiping is the mangrove area of Larut and Matang. I heard the seafood is nice there. If you may ask about the things to do list; yes, this area is already in my list to visit.

That’s all for this chapter of Perak Road Trip. Stay tune for more road trip adventures.

Buh-bye for now. We are off for another road trip journey.