Alright this is the plan. You do not have enough time to spend in Krabi. You only have 2 days excluding travelling days. I had the chance to travel to Krabi last Christmas for 2 days. Here is my experience;

To start off, I would like to say the it is actually quite okay to stay in Krabi for 2 days. Of course it would be great if you could stay longer but sometimes your time is limited. I did enjoy my time there even though it was only for 2 days.

Location of Ao Nang Beach to Krabi Town and Krabi Airport
Welcome to Ao-Nang

We arrived Krabi in the evening of 25th December. Since we arrived quite late, we spent all evening looking for the best package (or what we think is the best one). You need to be patient and resilience in finding the best one. DON’T book through website as there are cheaper packages offered at Ao Nang.

As you get closer to the beach the package actually becoming slightly cheaper which I do not understand why. Eventually, we booked two tours with a friendly guy sitting in a small shop. After we settled the bookings and all, we had dinner at Bamboo  Halal Seafood Restaurant. The food is tasty. For muslims, you do not have to worry about Halal and all because there are many restaurants around here that serves Halal food (means food with proper Islamic handling and no pork, alcohol etc).

Halal restaurant

We spent the whole night walking along the street and took pictures of the night scene. One thing you should try for at least once is Thai massage. Thai Relaxing Massage will cost you about 200 Baht.

Nice walk away next to the beach. Here, you will see more established and expensive hotels

Day 1

I would recommend island hopping activity on your first day so that you won’t be waiting too long.

phi phi
Location of Phi Phi Islands relative to Ao Nang Beach

You can choose from many island hopping trips. If you are in same situation like me and have to choose the best island hopping trip, I recommend Phi Phi Islands. I promise you will have something worth remembering and leave with no regrets. The tour costs us 1100 Baht plus 400 Baht for national park entrance fee. The fee is paid through the guide. The lunch is provided at Phi Phi Don.

p/s: Phi Phi means cheek. The pronunciation of the word phiphi is the same as pipi in Malay language which means cheek too!

Phi Phi Islands

We booked a tour with Barracudas Tour. The night before, we were instructed to wait at the hotel lobby. Very convenient and the bus arrived as promised at 7.30am.

Ready to board

Then, the bus took all passengers to the meeting point, we were given black sticker. The sticker is given based on the type of tour. Our guide Joe told us that we do not need to worry if we lose the sticker but do not ever lose him.

The speed boat journey brought us to the first location. It took us about 45 minutes to reach Bamboo Beach. A wide stretched white sandy beach. The water is crystal clear. This is the best time to swim and play in the water as the time for next locations will be rushed and limited.

According to Joe, during tsunami in 2004 about 100 people killed at this beach. Today you can see many sign posts to advice about tsunami and how we can save ourselves if that happens again.

Bamboo Beach beautiful white sandy beach
Crystal clear water

The next location is the most anticipating one (at least for me). I have always wanted to go to Maya Bay. Finally, I got the chance to stroll and take pictures there. You will be amazed at the limestone rock structures enclosing the bay. Unfortunately, due to the size of the beach, there were too may people and boats that blocked good view of Maya Bay. So, we had to wait and grab the opportunity to take picture when there were no boats around.

p/s: Maya does not mean anything. It’s a name of a lady according to Joe. A pretty lady he said.

Beautiful Maya Bay made famous by Leonardo Dicaprio in The Island movie.


Long tail boats

At the island, DON’T miss Loh Samah Bay. The bay does not have beach but is worth visiting. I just wish the platform is bigger so that we could jump into the water. Loh Samah Bay from Maya Bay is about 200m.

Loh Samah Bay
The boats got stuck in the sand so all the guides pushed their own speed boat

Later, the speed boat went to Maya Wall and we snorkelled near the cliff. In my opinion, this location is not a good snorkelling spot. There were not many fish and the corals were not massive. Besides, the water is too deep for a good snorkelling session. I believe this is due to the shadow of the cliff that blocks sun rays which hinder corals growth. If you want a good snorkel visit Perhentian Island. Check out my post here: Perhentian Island.

Snorkelling at Maya Well

After that, the boat went to Viking Cave but we did not go near. We were told that there is a fee for anyone to enter the cave. I wonder what is inside the cave but from what I read the cave is a home to swiflets that build edible bird nest from their saliva. Locals harvested the bird nest here for commercial market (it could be very expensive). This is not rare in ASEAN as many caves in this region has been location to harvest bird nest.

Viking Cave

After this cave, we were brought to Pi Leh Lagoon which left me mesmerized. The view was amazing. I wish we rented a private tour and let us jump to the water. It was so beautiful.

Pi Leh Lagoon. So beautiful.

After spending few minutes taking picture at Pi Leh (which definitely not enough), we were brought to Phi Phi Don Island (the main Phi Phi Island) to eat lunch buffet. The food is halal and also quite yummy especially to my Asian tummy. Western foreigners might have difficulties but the buffet also served pasta.

Phi Phi Don

While waiting for the speed boat to bring us back to Ao Nang, we tried coconut ice cream. Yummy!

Yummy coconut ice cream at the beach

Phi Phi Don was badly affected by 2004 tsunami as thousands died and missing. It was devastating but the island has been rebuilt and some constructions are still ongoing.

Not long after a yummy lunch, we returned to Ao Nang.

Finally, we arrived at Ao Nang at about 4 pm. The boat ride took us about 1 hour as we passed many locations of 4 Islands Tours.

That’s the end of Phi Phi Islands Trip

At night, we took bus that costs us 60 baht to Krabi Town. Be mindful that Krabi is about 20km from Ao Nang. The bus ride was about 45 minutes and it will pick many people along the way but worth the price though. We arrived at the market around 8.30pm. I think the market is quite overrated. I was expecting it to be more cultural and unique. But at least, we’ve been there. Besides that, Walking Street is only open on the weekends.

Walking Street Market
Apam Balik or Thai/Malaysia/Asian Pancake

To recap, island hopping is highly recommended. No matter what type of tour you choose you will definitely feel the satisfaction. I wish one day that I could return and do other island hopping tour.

Maya Bay is a must place especially for travel photographers and enthusiasts. Pi Leh lagoon is another amazing location. If you have more time and money to take a private tour you should jump to the water at Pi Leh.

The DON’Ts :

  1. Don’t book the package in advance as there are many cheaper options at Ao Nang.
  2. Wear proper footwear. Flip flop is highly recommended as you will get wet most of the time.
  3. Wear sun screen and shades. Choose the right sun screen for your skin. (I got rashes over bad sun screen lotion)
  4. Have breakfast early as the next meal is lunch time. So prepare yourself with enough water and snacks.
  5. Do not expect much from the night market especially for Asians. You might have better night market in your country.

The DOs:

  1. Enjoy the view and appreciate the moment.
  2. Take a lot of photos
  3. Play in the water and be careful.


To be continued…