Day 2

On the second day, we booked nature full day tour that covers elephant sanctuary, hot stream, emerald and blue pool and Tiger Cave Temple.  This tour costs us 750 Baht. There are many other trips offered which include half day and full day tours.

We were instructed to wait at the hotel lobby and a van will pick us up at 8.30am. That morning, we decided to try street breakfast. With only 50Baht, you can get yummy and fulfilling breakfast. Moreover, the friendly seller made our morning even better. Totally worth it.

Street food is always the best but pick a clean one.

The van arrived at 8.30am and after picking up other people, the van went straight to the first location.

After 30 minutes of journey, we arrived at the first stop which is an elephant sanctuary. You will be riding on elephant (which I am totally against because elephant is not meant to carry people. Besides they might go through severe and abusive training). I feel really bad for them but nothing can be done. However, it is individual right to choose to ride or not to ride. We also watched a baby elephant show which makes me feel bad even more. I could not wait to leave and go to the next location.

Elephant riding

The driver told us to sit back and relax as the next location is about 1 hour away. So I took the opportunity to sleep. An hour later, we arrived at a hot stream. I find it interesting because I have visited many hot spring but this is the first such hot stream I have seen. It did look like a normal river with mini waterfall but as you put your feet in the water you will feel the burning sensation. It was hot plus the hot weather. However, the area is too small and it was quite weird for everyone to just sit in the water and staring each other.

Hot stream
It was hot

We were given only 30 minutes (which I think is enough). The authority has built walkways and other facilities around the area. We were almost lost because there were many junctions along the path.

Not far from this spring only 10 minutes away is the Emerald Pool or Sa Morakot. I had been anticipating for this stop. When we arrived we were asked whether to have lunch first but we chose to go straight to Blue Pool. Total distance from the entrance to Emerald Pool is about 1.4km along a wide unpaved trail in Khao Nor Chu Chi Forest. The trail gets steep gradually. We reached Emerald Pool but Blue Pool is the main target. So headed another 600m.

Part of the trails has concrete walkway
As we get closer to Blue Pool the trail looks like this and thank goodness for the shades

After a long walk and painful blisters (due to sweat and sandals) we finally arrived at Blue Pool. At this pool, no swimming is allowed because the mud is very soft and there is definitely fluid layer below the mud as the bubble indicates the natural spring coming out.

The Blue Pool

According to local belief, if you shout/scream and clap loudly there will be more bubbles coming out. So, there are some tourists who did that. Totally funny and very annoying at the same time. It was suppose to be peaceful here.

what lies beneath?

Blue Pool is really interesting. How did this happen? A crystal clear blue water in the middle of tropical forest? Logically, the water of the pond will be dark green as it will be inhabited by algae. One explanation is that the spring that is coming from the bottom of the pond carries heavy mineral from earth crust. The other explanation is the on going spring that comes out at certain temperature that maintains the colour of the water. I will do more research.

On the other hand, Emerald Pool is nothing compared to Blue Pool. Moreover, we didn’t have time to jump or play in the pool and there were also too many people in the pool.

Emerald Pool

The final destination is Tiger Cave Temple. This place is definitely a nice place for exercise. DON’T ever miss the chance to climb the 1237 steps to the top. It will take you about 30 minutes to reach top at steady pace and also a lot of courage. The view from the top was definitely worth the energy.

This is where the climb started

I do not regret at all. The view is amazing and you will forget about how hard it was to reach the top.

Panoramic view on top of Tiger Cave Temple

After that, we left and headed straight back to Ao Nang. It was a memorable journey indeed even though tiring. So, that night, I just enjoyed Thai massage for two hours.

I definitely enjoy this trip and Krabi is the place that I want to return to one day. If you only have two days in Krabi, don’t be sad. You could still have fun and enjoy your time there. Based on my experience it is definitely possible and memorable. The nature trip may not be as fun as island hopping but visiting the unique places like Blue Pool will leave you in awe.


  1. Do not wear shoes or sandals. Flip flop is highly recommended. Wearing shoes in the hot weather is very uncomfortable. Wearing sandals will cause you many painful blisters and you will suffer throughout the trip (just like I did).
  2. For full day tour, when you arrive at Emerald Pool, do not opt to have lunch first. This is because your time there is limited and Blue Pool is quite far from the entrance. You need to use the time wisely.
  3. If you want to climb the stairs to Tiger Cave Temple, just ensure that you do not eat too much during lunch. 1237 steps is not easy when your tummy is full.

The DO’s

  1. Bring snacks and enough water.
  2. Make friends with other travellers.
  3. Enjoy the time and bring medication just in case if you have headache due to long journey and hot weather.
I made new friends

That’s the end of my 2 days trip in Krabi. Until then, so long and wait for my next update.

Bye bye