Gunung Baling is located at Baling, Kedah. Baling town is located close to Thailand-Malaysia border. Baling is considered as a town that is rich with historical value of Malaya pre independence.  The most prominent event is Baling Negotiation between ruling party and Communist Party led by Chin Peng.

Next to the town is a hill that stretches few kilometers. The hill consists of Gunung Pulai and Gunung Baling. In contrary to popular belief, Gunung Baling is obviously not a volcanic mountain or even a crater due to meteoric impact. It is a huge limestone feature that has gone through erosion for millions of years. That is the first geological observation. In order to understand the formation in details, more research needs to be done.

Before going to Gunung Baling, I have searched extensively and browsed any possible sources but failed to find exact location of the entrance. We ended up clueless looking for the entrance. Initially, we entered an entrance to the limestone quarry. That was when we learned about the scheduled mining explosion at 12:15pm. We were actually quite worried about it. What if the explosion causes huge tremor that triggers landslide? Fortunately, during the explosion, we did not even feel any slight shaking, even though we were nervous when the siren blared twice prior to the explosion.

My friend Husna, recorded GPS coordinate of the entrance. 5°41’13.6″N 100°54’52.9″E. The entrance is located behind few houses. We were hesitated at that time. Should we park at someone’s lawn without permission? The owner of the house was really nice to let this people to park at his house. He also sells water for the hikers.

There are two ways to reach Baling. If you use the first route, you will need to exit Kuala Kangsar from PLUS Highway.

If you have GPS coordinate, you will reach the location of the entrance easily. Here is what to expect when you reach Baling Town.

Turn right at the junction

For second route, you will be travelling on tolled highways most of the time. You could save more time and even fuel but you will need to pay for toll fees. Another good thing about this route is that, if you have more time to spare, you can visit Penang which is what we did last time.

Go straight at the junction

The most obvious landmark is Buddhist Temple which attached to the hill. If you see this red temple, that means you are getting closer to the entrance.

Baling Temple
Buddhist Temple
This is the street junction that goes to the entrance.

Here you go the detailed explanation on how to get to Gunung Baling. Unfortunately as of now, the mountain is closed due to wild fire that spread due to irresponsible hikers. I have a feeling that the beautiful natural garden has been burnt down to ashes. I am not sure how long the bamboos will take to grow but looking at the damage it could take few years.

It is our shared responsibility to protect nature.