This is my experience transiting for a day at Melbourne.

On our way back from New Zealand to Kuala Lumpur, we spent a day to transit at Melbourne. I have never been to Australia before, so this visit would be a great start for me to explore this continent. Even though I know, a day trip will not do enough justice to the city, but I think one day is good enough to explore the city.

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The mural at the airport welcoming us

Of course if you come to visit Melbourne you have to visit Queen Victoria Market. I am not sure about others but I think that this market is the center of Melbourne’s attractions. At this market, you could find many souvenirs and also fresh fruits, flowers and vegetables. We bought avocados at cheap price and ate them on the spot. It was so good. Back in Malaysia, avocados are too expensive.

DSC_0338 (2)
Souvenirs at reasonable price.

The heart of the market is my favorite. This is where we could get desserts, cookies and jams. I could spend many hours here because I love desserts.

DSC_0345 (2)
Cheese and jams
Desserts: Mostly macaroons.

Hipsters and those who love the culture would find this market fascinating. There are indeed hipsters vibe there.

DSC_0365 (2)
This is ironic. We don’t need a trip to Malaysia because we are Malaysians.
DSC_0347 (2)
At the entrance of the market, there are live bands performing. There are also benches for visitors to chill out and enjoy the breeze.

Not far from the wet section, there are unique shops stretched along the main road. At the end of the row is the Melbourne Sign.

DSC_0352 (2)
Small shops at the road side. Some of them quite eccentric.
Melbourne sign
DSC_0348 (2)
The sky scrappers of Melbourne.
Walking on the streets

The market closes quiet early at 2pm. So, you need to come early if you want to spend more time there. In my observations, I could see that, once the shop is closing, the sellers won’t be that nice to you too. So, have a good plans and be early.

If you walk slightly further away from Queen Victoria Market, you would see beautiful buildings with mix of architectural styles from medieval to modern. University of Melbourne is located near to the market too.

Wear right shoes before leaving your accommodations. You would spend many hours just walking around the city. Especially in the summer the heat could be scorching too.

Unique architectures

It is quite convenient to go around the city. If you need to go a little bit further from the city center, there are trams and buses that go around the city. We took trams to the Docklands.

Docklands area.

That is all I have for the Melbourne trip. I have many future plans to visit Australia. Coming soon is to Perth and it will be a road trip! I can’t wait to see what’s there in Albany too.

Good bye from us.