I am pretty sure for most Malaysians, you have heard a lot about Mossy Forest but not really sure where it is located. Mossy Forest is at Cameron Highlands or specifically along the trail from Mount Brinchang to Mount Irau. Hiking Mount Irau is considered as moderate to hard but definitely requires strong will and motivations.

To reach there, you just need to use google map or any other navigation apps and type Mossy Forest and for sure you will be directed to the location. However, it is important to choose which route you want to take. There are 4 main access to Cameron Highlands. Notably from the West Coast, there are 2 separate paths that lead you to there.

As for me, I preferred the road from Simpang Pulai to Cameron Highlands. The road is wide and less windy compare to Tapah-Cameron Highlands. Especially at night, the road is definitely way safer than Tapah. The Simpang Pulai road is also much closer to Ipoh. So, if you plan to stop at Ipoh before or after trip to Cameron Highlands it will be easily accessible.

Any apps will definitely lead you to use Tapah road. So, if you decided to use Simpang Pulai, you have to type Simpang Pulai first.

Once you reach Brinchang town, drives about 7km to Copthorne Hotel and the junction to Mossy Forest will be on the left after Copthorne Hotel. The sign board is slightly hidden so be aware when driving so you won’t miss the junction. Once you get to the junction, don’t worry about the small and badly maintained pathway. It is definitely the right road to Mossy Forest.

There are few junctions along the way that may confuse you. In case, if you do not get the network signal or your phone dies, just turn left when you see any considerably big junctions (because there are small junctions that leads you to the farm). The road is extremely narrow at few places, so be careful and maintain a good speed. Honk at the corner to warn any upcoming car from opposite direction. Before driving to Mossy Forest entrance, make sure your car’s brake is working because it is very dangerous. You will see the sign of mossy forest at almost the end of the road. The end of the road is the gate to communication tower and viewing tower.

Hopefully this helps. The location is well established. So, enjoy your trip to Mossy Forest. If you want to hike, it is highly recommended for you to start driving up before sunrise to avoid traffic congestion and problem with parking later.