Some people may think that permit is a nuisance. They said it is unnecessary but for me having a permit to enter a forest especially the protected ones is very crucial. As a human being we are obliged to maintain and preserve the environment. You may think that a piece of garbage from you may not be that bad but imagine thousands of you doing that to Mount Irau Mossy Forest. You may say that setting a camp fire may not cause devastation but you may not know what will happen if the air is dry and it hasn’t been raining for a while.

There are so many things I can list down here and the important message is that you have to be a responsible hiker. Taking many selfies at forest and mountain top with hashtag #naturelovers does not make you responsible to the environment. So, here is how to be responsible. Start small by applying permit. Besides preserving the environment, the permit is also there to save you in case you are lost in the forest because your name is recorded in the list.

Pahang State Government Forestry Department has required permit to be obtained before entering the trek or trails as listed below:

  1. Gunung Irau, Cameron Highlands
  2. Gunung Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
  3. Gunung Berembun, Cameron Highlands
  4. Gunung Yong Belar, Cameron Highlands
  5. Gunung Siku, Cameron Highlands
  6. Gunung Suku, Cameron Highlands
  7. Gunung Benom, Raub
  8. Pine Tree Trail, Bukit Fraser, Raub
  9. Rompin Trail, Bukit Fraser, Raub
  10. Abu Suradi Trail, Bukit Fraser, Raub
  11. Mager Trail, Bukit Fraser, Raub
  12. Gunung Rajah, Bentong
  13. Gunung Nuang, Selangor (entrance to Gunung Nuang located at Janda Baik, Bentong Pahang).

The applications can be made with official request form and send via mail to Pejabat Hutan Daerah (PHD) that is responsible for particular trails. The fees shall be made in money order or bank draft under the name Pengarah Perhutanan Negeri Pahang (Director of Pahang Forestry Department) and it shall be sent together with the form. Below is the identified PHD for particular said locations:

Gunung Nama/Alamat PHD
Gunung Irau PHD Raub/Cameron Highlands
Gunung Brinchang PHD Raub/Cameron Highlands
Gunung Berembun PHD Raub/Cameron Highlands
Gunung Yong Belar PHD Raub/Cameron Highlands
Gunung Siku PHD Raub/Cameron Highlands
Gunung Suku PHD Raub/Cameron Highlands
Gunung Benom PHD Raub/Cameron Highlands
Pine Tree Trail PHD Raub/Cameron Highlands
Rompin Trail PHD Raub/Cameron Highlands
Abu Suradi Trail PHD Raub/Cameron Highlands
Mageri Trail PHD Raub/Cameron Highlands
Gunung Rajah PHD Bentong
Gunung Nuang PHD Bentong

Click here for the form. And here is how the form looks like:

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Here is the contacts to respective PHD: Click here

Sample of letter that we have used to apply permit to hike Irau:

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The method is stated clearly in Forestry Department Website. However, I wish the application process is made easier and more user friendly. Currently, the bureaucracy resulting from this process is tedious. I believe if it is more convenient, more people would be applying the permits. In addition to the permitting process, the authority should at any point of time to guard the entrance and ask for the permits.


Currently, the permit is limited to only 100 permits per day.

Before processing your permits, you shall check with Forestry Department if your planned date is available or not. Recent fee is RM10 per person.

If everything is okay, send a mail and include the envelope with the forms and postal order (you can get it at post office. Here is the link in Malay if you want to know the process in details) to this address:

Pejabat Hutan Daerah,
Raub dan Cameron Highlands,
Rotan Tunggal, 27600 Raub.
Tel: 09-3551060
Fax: 09-3550857

Once it is confirmed by the authorities, you will receive the permits through mail too.

Hope this helps!