Are you looking for 7 days Lombok itinerary? You are at the right page. Who have not heard of Lombok? If you haven’t it’s about time for you to google image Lombok but where is it? The island is located just east of Bali. Lombok is also accessible by ferry or boat from Bali and flights from many locations such as Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. I personally prefer Lombok more than Bali. Lombok’s population is relatively lower and it offers more pristine beaches and beautiful islands surrounding the island. It is also the land of one of the most active volcano and also the second tallest in Indonesia. The island is also cleaner and people live harmoniously at the western side of Lombok. If you ever come to Lombok do not miss the chance to eat the famous local cuisine Ayam Taliwang (Taliwang Chicken).


Recently, I went to Lombok and had an awesome time there. I would definitely return to this island if I have the chance. Here is the itinerary that is probably quite comprehensive and compressed into a week worth of travelling. I managed to climb Rinjani, went to Gili Island and Kuta with this itinerary. Even though it was a week, I only spent about rm800 or USD 200 or 2.5 mil Rupiah (excluding flight) with additional 2.5 mil Rupiah for 3 Days 2 Nights Rinjani Hiking. So, here it is:


If possible, one shall arrive to Lombok before night to give more time to travel to Senaru or Sembalun from airport. It will take approximately 3 hours to reach Senaru.



if you stay in Senaru and depending on the package that you choose here is one of the examples:
06.30am after breakfast, take a truck ride to Sembalun Village (1 hr journey). Be wary of motion sickness. It will be fun at first but unpleasant for an hour ride.
08.00am registration at Pusat Informasi Rinjani (RIC) at Sembalun.
-Hike to Sembalun Crater Rim:
>2 hrs to Post 1 (monitoring station)
>1 hr to Post 2 (Tengengean)
>1 hr to Post 3 (Dalam Balong) and rest for 2 hrs for lunch
>3 hrs hike to Plawangan Sembalun Crater Camp via Bukit Penyesalan and stay for a night


02.00am summit attack
06.30am reach summit (3726m)
>the final hour is the most difficult hike with very loose igenous rocks (2 step up, 1 slide down)
-After sunrise hike back to Sembalun Crater for breakfast. Arrival shall be at 9.00am. If way later, **alternative plan is required.
-Hike down to hot spring and climb back up to Senaru Crater and camp for a night.

**alternative: If the arrival at Sembalun Crater after 11am, stay for another night at the crater rim and hike down to Sembalun using same trek the next day


-Hike down to Senaru Village for approximately 5 hrs.
01.00pm arrival at Senaru Rinjani Trekking Center
-If time permits we hike to Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile waterfalls. 20 minutes hike in. 20 minutes hike out.
03.30pm van ride to Bangsal to take public boat to Gili Trawangan before 05.00pm (last boat). The boat will cost you 15.000 Rupiah. Taking boat after 05.00pm is possible but do not ever pay the money on land because there are many scammers. Just hop on the boat and pay to the conductor. This will cost you 20.000 Rupiah.



-Activities at Trawangan Island
>Relaxing such as massage, manicure, pedicure
>Rent a bicycle for 50.000 Rupiah and cycle around the island. Catch sunset at Ombak Sunset Hotel where you will find 4 swings near the beach
>Island hopping and snorkelling to Gili Meno and Gili Air
>Try out food such as ayam taliwang, bakso, grilled corn and street food



07.30am check out from hotel and head to port and wait for the boat according to the colour of the ticket. This will cost you 20.000 Rupiah. Sometimes, you have to wait for quite a long time to get into a boat. Depending on situation. I would advice not to take flight in the morning if you intend to leave Trawangan in the morning.
-Rent a car by pre booking with trusted agent or rent on the spot. Take Senggigi Road for scenic view and stop at souvenir shop in Senggigi.
-Head straight to Mataram City for lunch(suggestion: Sate Rembiga Ibu Sinaseh. It was so good)
-Optional: Visit Kg Sukarara to visit songket factory etc. You can get songket at 150.000 Rupiah.
-Head straight to Mawun Beach to take pictures and play with the huge wave until sunset. Avoid getting out from Mawun after dark for safety. After that to Tg Aan to take excursion sampan ride or short hike at Bukit Botak for better view.
-Check in at hotel (suggestion: Melati Resort and Hotel) in Kuta and have dinner at Nasi Padang restaurant. Nothing much can be done at night.


-Check out early at approximately 6.00 to 7.00am and head to Tg Ann to climb the hill to catch scenic view of Tg Ann
-Stop at Sade Village for 1/2 hour to see the village. Optional if you have time
-If you have time, try out lunch at RM Cahaya (located in front of the airport entrance) where it serves the hottest ayam taliwang ever. Head straight to airport and go home or your next destination.

I hope at least this itinerary could inspire you to travel to Lombok. If you have alternative itineraries share with me. Who knew I might use it for my next trip?