DSC_0568This article is written by  Farhana Zaid.

As an avid traveler who loves new challenges, she would like to convince you to visit Lombok. Let’s hear what she has for it. 


  1. Gili Trawangan

Did you see the picture?? Need I say more?? You just have to see this for yourself.

The ambience, the environment, the locals, the food. Its truly Indonesia!

Though I think it’s a bit crowded with tourist especially at night, it still worth to be top of your list when in Lombok.

2. Gili Meno / Gili Air/ GiliPasir/ Gili Kondo



Gili means island in Sasak dialect, Lombok’s locals. All these Gilis are located around Lombok, they are small and some of them is inhabitant. But they build restaurants and shed for tourist to stop and enjoy the nature.

Its totally worth the visit. You can take a 1 or 2 day snorkeling package to explore all these Gilis from Gili Terawangan.

  1. Bukit Meresek/Tg Aan, Kuta


To get this view, you have to do a 10 minutes hiking, which is so totally worth the sweat!

The view looks like somewhere in Ireland. Isnt that just fascinating. You don’t have to go as far as Ireland to witness this view.

I was stunned when I first laid my eyes on this. It was so picturesque! Its true when they said god did give us a hint of heaven in this world. This might be one of it!

4.  Pantai Pink

Pantai Pink is the farthest location located on South Lombok. You have two ways to reach here. A. Rent a 4-wdand get through the uneven and challenging road or B. Rent a boat from Pelabuhan Tanjung Luar and get through the big waves. We choose B.

Pantai Pink got its name because the sand there was pink when its high tide, caused by the broken pink corals mixed with the sand brought up by the tides.

  1. Tiu Kelep / Sendeng Gile


Sendeng means high. Gile means Very. From the name you can deduct that this waterfall isvery high and very huge. And it really is cold!! Very very cold. Like ice!

I was freezing to death. But its really refreshing and then if you sit underneath the waterfall, you got a free massage.

So is this 5 reason convincing enough to get you to Lombok?

Well, its convincing enough for me to return. Soon!