Pheww finally 2016 is over. I just want to move on. A lot of things happened either positive or negative but all of them happened for a reason. Of course on the positive notes, there were a lot of awesome destinations that I have visited in 2016. Even though I did not go travelling outside Malaysia that much, at least I got to explore amazing Malaysia Truly Asia more. One notable travel destination in Malaysia was Merapoh where my buddies and I went for caving extreme adventure. If you have not tried it, you should at least do it once. If Merapoh is not your thing then you should try the more establish one in Gua Tempurung.

However, the highlight of 2016 would be conquering the peak of Mount Rinjani. It was not a pleasent adventure but it was worth the time, money and energy spent for 3 days and 2 nights. Besides that, Krabi was awesome too. Instead of taking a direct flight to Krabi, I decided to travel on land by bus. It was definitely cheaper but you may need to have mental strength to go through a 12 hour journey. Once you reached Krabi, you will be temporarily distracted by the beauty of Koh Phi Phi islands.

As for local destinations besides Merapoh, I discovered the beauty of Langkawi. I did not expect that Langkawi would be in my must see destination list. Besides becoming a shopping spree heaven (I am talking about chocolates), the nature in Langkawi is overpowering the attractions of the island. Until now, I still remember the breezy air when travelling on speed boat at Kilim Geoforest. I would do it again and again if I have more time. On the other hand, Taman Negara is totally underrated. I am pretty sure not many locals even think of visiting Taman Negara but for nature lovers, the national park is a must see destination. I miss that huge black and white cow err I mean tapir at Mutiara Taman Negara.

I have to say that I am very proud of the posts that I did for Irau and Gunung Baling. Both posts are such a hit. I hope readers would benefit from my sharing. I am pretty sure after few months leaving those two hiking destinations, many things have changed. The local authority has upgraded facilities on Gunung Baling (they even have railing) while Irau is becoming even more popular and tight restrictions have been enforced by the authority. However, I am disappointed over the littering at those destinations. Apparently, some of us are still trapped in third world mind set. We have to protect them if not, who would?

My 2017 resolution is for me to explore the world even more and write frequently to share with my fellow readers. I dream of becoming resourceful travel blogger like those I look up to. Here is the bucket list of 2017:

1. Phuket


This one is confirmed! I am going to Phuket soon! I miss the white sandy beaches and crystal blue ocean.


2. Perth and Western Australia


This one is confirmed too! I am travelling with my family so it will be a totally different experience. I definitely need to tone down to accomodate the elderly.

3. Flores

Kelimutu at Flores

I have been eyeing this island ever since I planned the trip to Lombok. If Lombok is that pretty, I am sure Flores is prettier or at least as equally beautiful as Lombok. Maybe an adventurous journey from Lombok to Sumbawa and to Flores would be awesome.

4. Taiwan and Snow Mountain

Snow Mountain Peak

Every year, I will include a mountain in the list preferably taller than 3000m above sea level. Snow Mountain is very popular in Taiwan and even overshadowing the tallest peak which is Yushan. However, I heard that it is very challenging. It’s okay because I always dream big or else I would not conquer Fuji, Kinabalu and Rinjani. At the same time, Taiwan is to die for destination for many backpackers.

5. Denmark


This country will be a transit point for my actual destination. So, I will take advantage as much as possible.

6. Greenland


This is definitely unheard of. Not many people talk about visiting Greenland and that makes the destination very expensive. Being an all out traveller, I would have to sacrifice some portion of my savings for a chance to witness glacier and aurora at same time. We will see.

7. Iceland


This adventure has been planned since 2014 right after New Zealand. This will be the priority and the highlight of 2017. I hope things will turn out well.

8. Netherlands



Another transit destination.

9. Kenyir Lake

Kenyir Lake

I have always wanted to explore the nature at Kenyir Lake. Yes, we are planning for this trip soon.

10. Bako National Park

Bako National Park

If I have more leaves and money, I will definitely put Bako National Park as my priority list. As a geologist, I am attracted by the geomorphology of sandstone formation at this national park.

There you go, my final write up for 2016 on the 2016 highlights and 2017 bucket list. In 2017, I will be opening more slots for guest writers. Drop a comment or email me at for more info. May the force be with us all to get through 2017 with success.