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I was on an amazing 17 days summer Euro Trip with my sister and her husband not too long ago. A lot of things I wanted to share here but as a guest writer, I have to stay low so that it won’t overshadow the owner of this blog (lol). So, after many thoughts and thinkings I decided to share with you my visit to Nice because literally Nice is nice and pun is intended. It was only 3 days trip but I saw a lot and it would be ashame if I did not share with you, GEOTRAVELLER readers the pictures and short travel story that I experienced there. Do believe me when I say that Nice is worth visiting and it should be in your Euro Trip bucket list.

The city of Nice is located on the French Riviera in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. From what I saw at the  Gare de Nice-Ville or the central station of Nice, there were thousands of visitors came in and out of the station. So, I guess it is the main entry point to the city. It was not surprising because the train service is accessible from various European cities. For us the amazing trio, we took High-speed Train Service (TGV) operated from Paris to Nice. Fortunately for us, we managed to get super cheap price at EUR 25 per person. As an avid and expert traveller, I booked all the tickes much earlier via website Eurorail.com. In this special case we bought them 2 months before travel.  Please be punctual and arrive at train station early because most of the trains will depart on time and they will not definitely wait for you neither giving you special treatment. The journey from Paris took us about 6 hours with speed between 200-300km/hrs. I arrived at Gare de Nice Ville at 10.00pm and straight checked-in to our hotel which was near the train station. There are many hotel accommodations available in and around Nice.  From budget hotels to elegant seaside resorts, excellent accommodation is available for all type of budgets.


The first moment when I arrived at Nice, I already started falling in love with this place. Among its attractions are the beautiful beaches, lovely seaside promenade, famous city landmarks and other tourist attractions. The locals were very nice and helpful which is quite unusual in Europe especially when you are from Asia. Where else could you find colourful building and clean place at the same time where a lot of people flocking around? It felt so comfortable and safe even when I walked alone at night. That is the perks of travelling to European cities though not all cities are like Nice. That is just a pinch of what nice things about Nice that I able to share with you here.


There was also an outdoor market i.e Marche aux Fleurs  which is located at the old city (Vieux Nice) near the seaside.  Fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers can be purchased at this market with reasonable price. A lot of shops, restaurants and bars can be found along the streets of Nice, France.  The most fascinating streets are located near the French seaside and in the old city (Vieux Nice). Don’t miss out the chance to wander around the streets. You will be start struck.


The main city square in Nice is Place Massena.  This beautiful plaza is situated at the southern end of Avenue Jean Medecin, a major arterial roadway in the city. To save my time and energy  I used  tram which connects Place Massena to Nice’s Central Train Station to return to the accomodations. It is always a great idea to stay near the train station because it will be very convenient to commute.






Promenade des Anglais is a long seaside walkway that stretches along the Mediterranean coast in Nice, France.  Built in the 1830s, visitors to Nice can enjoy a leisurely walk along the Baie des Anges. I wished I would come here during sunset. It must be beautiful and romantic.


The Colline du Chateau (Castle Hill) overlooks the city of Nice, France.  Visitors to Nice can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of Nice, France and the French Riviera from the Castle Hill. Surprisingly if you are short in time, all of these could be done and visited within a day. By the end of the day, we were ready to travel further outskirt to Monte Carlo on the next day.


On the second day, we travelled to Monte Carlo using train. The journey took us about 25 minute to reach the destination and the cost is EUR 7.80 return ticket per person. Monte Carlo is best known for the over the top casinos and world class hotels. From what I heard, Monte Carlo is Monaco’s most famous district. So, to miss this area would be a total bummer. Monte Carlo’s atmosphere is different in a sense that the city was built at the hill slope overlooking Mediterranean Sea.

The Royal Palace of Monaco or Palais Prinicer (Prince’s Palace) is situated way up high at the hilltop overlooking the district and the vast sea. The view is breath taking and the monarchs were so lucky to have this privilege. Visitors are able to tour the palace (Les Grands Appartement du Palais) during specified hours. Please be aware of the timing.


I realised that Monaco could be costly to some. The flight itself could cost about RM3ooo or more let alone the cost to stay at Monaco. So, plan accordingly and based on my experience, a short stay is possible. Otherwise I must say that Monaco is worth visiting and you will not definitely regret your decision. However, please always keep alert of the surrounding and keep all your belongings safely. Even though I have mentioned that the Monaco is generally safe, anything could happen. So, smile always.

I think that is all. That is a lot to digest in one article but I hope it at least inspires you to visit Nice. I would love to return one day. Special thanks to the admin of GEOTRAVELLER for letting me to write this short article.