I am sure most of travellers have suffered from bad trip syndrom. Things did not go according to plan and you ended up spending more than you think. To make it worse you may be catching flu or fever during the trip. You may think again what is the point doing all of this?

So, this leads to the points based on my real experience:

1. Plan your travel well

No matter how busy you are, a plan is necessary. I would love to go to a place spontaneously without even think about anything but that is only possible if I have a lot of money. Itinerary is very important. From that, you will do research on the activities, the pricing, accomodations and also the weather. Even though things will not necessarily go according to plans, at least you are well prepared. You will not need to survive a bad travel in the first place anyway.

Plan it well and you can do skydiving

2. If things are bad, be calm

There is tendency for some of us including me to react in certain way if things are not good. Sometimes I would be sulking and even disappointed that leads to stress (if things are really bad). When I went to New Zealand, I was really looking forward to visit Milford Sound. Unfortunately, after 2 hours of driving, we were not allowed to enter the area which required another 2 hours of driving to reach there. The weather was quite bad it caused an avalanche that blocks the road to Milford Sound. I was very disappointed because there was no way for me to return on the next day. However, I just accept it the way it was and find an alternative or at least enjoying the view along the road. It was not that bad eventually. Probably things happen for a good reason that we may not know.

Just be happy and enjoy the view

3. Pull yourself together and find alternative 

This is important. You have spent a lot to travel. If things do not go well do not sit down and give up. Find alternative destinations. When I was in Phuket, we missed the James Bond Tour on the first day. We only have 2 days in Phuket so we are under time constraint. However, we can still join the tour on the next day. To replace with it, we rented a car and drive around Phuket island. We discovered beautiful beaches, gigantic Buddha statue and unique town of Old Phuket. Things were not so bad.

Just enjoy the moment is also one of the alternatives. Check out my Krabi trip.

4. If you get sick, drink water and take pain killer

Do not give up and keep fighting. If you feel the fever is coming towards you, immediately drink a lot of water and take pain killer. Do not let the sickness kill the joy. Or be prepared early like bring medicines, get enough sleep before travelling, avoid eating food that may cause an upset and avoid too much heat exposure before travelling.

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If you get sick, the view could help to reduce the pain

5. Activate credit card and always bring more cash money

Sometimes things will get out of control and money will save you. That is why, please activate your credit card for international transactions. Extra cash is also important because some countries do not practice electronic transactions. When I was hiking Mt Fuji, I went down to the wrong path and arrived at different station. I was so tired and broke three of my toe nails. Thankfully there was a taxi but without credit card I might not be able to return to my group. Thanks to that, I was able to withdraw cash and paid the taxi driver who sent me to the original station which was 2 hours away.  I ended up paying 15000 yen for that taxi ride but it’s fine. At least I survived that ordeal.

With enough money you can enjoy local cuisine

6. Pick right travel companion 

Finally, your travel will be thousands times better if you have great travel companion. Things will go bad but if your travel buddies are great and get along well, it will lessen the stress and burden. Or the best option is to travel solo if you do not want to think about others. Get to know the locals too but be wary towards strangers.

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Things will go well with your best travel buddies

These tips are common sense anyway. Once you travel you will adapt and you will learn the survival skills immediately. Be a resilient traveller!