After plenty of research and countless of travelling, I am finally ready to share with you on how to travel cheap. It has been a work in progress for me because to travel with few money is very difficult. Sometimes, you do need to sacrifice a lot of things in order to travel cheap. From booking flights to dinner, here is the list that I have compiled from various websites:

  • Travel in low seasons

Travelling in low seasons is the most powerful way to save money. However, there is always drawback when travelling low seasons especially on the weather. Sometimes it is a gamble worth trying though. Decides where to go from Skyscanner Holiday Destinations.

November in New Zealand. It is rainy but there are sunny days
  • Buy flight ticket as early as possible

Sometimes you can fly from alternative airport too. However, booking ticket early should be your priority. Have to plan in advance. AirAsia always offers seat one year earlier for some destinations. Become BIG member and you will get early notifications.

air asia big
AirAsia BIG
  • Bring own food and cook yourself

Just bring your own food like ramen and cookies. Easy to cook and enough to provide you energy. Buy simple raw food at convenient store is also one of the easiest options and cook yourself. Some convenient stores sell pre packed meal too.

Home cook food while travelling
  • Do foreign currency exchange

You can save yourself a lot if you do currency exchange instead of swiping your credit card. The fees on credit card spending is usually higher than using cash. For some countries, cash is not preferred so check beforehand.

XE Currency Converter. Best way is to download the app and get live currency exchange
  • Allocate specific amount of money for souvenir and shopping

If you do not allocate money for this, there is possibility for you to spend more than you need. As example, spare USD 20 for souvenir and you will only spend within this amount.

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