Join the movement Save Merapoh Caves

There are not many gems left in Malaysia. Now, these gems are terrorised by irresponsible individuals or structured bodies. Even the authority dares to de-gazette state parks just to build highways (I am referring to EKVE and how Selangor State Park status de-gazetted. Click link here to understanding what is happening). Look at what happen to Broga Hill now? Have we ever gonna learnt from this? I am worried about Bukit Tabur future but anything is now possible unless if it is recognised by UNESCO. Expect for the worse.

This time, I am gonna talk about Merapoh which is lesser known area to general public. Maybe some of us learn about it as another entrance to Taman Negara or another trail head to Gunung Tahan. Not many of you know, Merapoh is also a home for beautiful virgin forest and many under explored caves network. Not far from the small town, there are beautiful rivers and forest in desperate need to be saved by us. Just next to it is oil palm plantations and future quarries.

Not too long ago, me and my buddies went to Gua Hari Malaysia to experience the extreme caving adventure. The cave is formed by a river that cuts through a limestone hill. How awesome is that? Check out my experience in Merapoh. If you haven’t tried it go ahead and book for the trip before the caves disappear by those greedy hands.


The beautiful cave
Beautiful limestone hills
At the other end of the cave
Amazing fauna in the forest, and now all gone!
I guess the photo is literally a distant memory. No more crystal clear stream like this.
The forest is for all, now destroyed by greediness
You have been missing out all along. Save Merapoh!

Unfortunately, things are gonna change soon and it happened quietly without us noticing. The forest is now almost gone due to illegal logging and possible gold mining attempt. We need to make a lot of noise because those with the power and authority will not act unless we consistently fighting for our scarce nature in Malaysia. Do you want to see another limestone hills disappear like those in Ipoh? If we are smart enough we would preserve and protect and gazette it as Geoforest. It’s a long term investment not just for the nature, also for the economy! I am very surprised to see the destruction in photos let alone witnessing it live. The photos taken from Laili Basir who work hard to preserve the area. Now, it is chronic!


I feel sick just by looking at the photos. Angry and disappointed! Who let this happen? Let’s make a lot of noise. Go and visit Merapoh and explore the caves there especially Gua Hari Malaysia. Share to everyone about it. Do our part before everything is gone!


Article by Sinar Harian : Hutan Simpan Merapoh Kini Makin Parah

Join the movement Save Merapoh Caves and let it be heard by all! I mean it, all of us! I am so sick and disappointed by this.