I am back in Bali and this time I got to visit beautiful Nusa Penida too! Here is the itinerary for this awesome trip.

This was the second time I visited Bali and yeah, this time it was a blast! The reason why the trip was way better than before is that now I have more money to spend, I travelled with a group of friends and the weather was great. Even though I had to spend some time studying for my test (yes, I am taking part time Master now too).

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Everything about this trip is fun. It was loud too with this group of friends but I had a good time with them. Of course there was unexpected incidents here and there, especially in Nusa Penida but what’s with a holiday trip without drama? Each of us has unique characters and when they mixed up it becomes something else. Me on the other hand is slightly reserve and wants everything to be perfect and precise.

Okay enough with the mumble jumble. Here is the intimate itinerary. I will add some spices to the story line too:

It was a 4 days trip from 3rd April to 6th April during weekdays. On weekdays, we shall expect less crowd but It was not rainy season. Somehow, I expected that there would be slightly more people compare to the last time I visited Bali.

3rd April

Since we arrived Bali in the afternoon and spent half of afternoon looking for a ride to the villa, we did not do much on the first day. Besides enjoying the villa pool, we went to Pura Tanah Lot to catch sunset. It was a race against time with the peak hour traffic. We almost missed the sunset.

Pura Tanah Lot during sunset.
Not very much I could get during sunset.

For me, sunset view was okay. The water level receded due to low tide and it was quite dark and the photo was not great. I went here last time in the morning when the water level was quite high. The view was quite amazing overlooking the temple on the rocks. This time around, since it was already sunset, we did not go to the temple. We did not even explore the Tanah Lot area because it was already dark.

Then we played in the pool.

Thankfully when we returned home, we have an awesome chef who cook yummy dinner for all of us (thanks Rais). I did help to clean up the dishes, don’t worry.

4th April

Today, I was slightly moody because I was slightly under the weather with unsettling tummy. Probably from the lunch I had the previous day. I felt bad for dragging down my friends mood too but at the end of the day, the day was awesome nevertheless. According to the plan which we decided in the van, we would not be watching Barong Dance to save money. We would spend money on Kecak Dance later at Uluwatu.

First program of the day, we went to Tanjung Benoa Water Sport. The games were quite expensive so I had to make decision to play only one game (which I don’t really mind because we have all of these in Malaysia. Bali attractions are the main things to visit). Apparently, I was very short on the money and I didn’t plan to change my RM to RP at this early of the trip.

Water sport at Tanjung Benoa

After lunch, we went to Nusa Dua area to see the water blow. I was here few years back and I really liked the beach. Despite the scorching hot sun, the beach was sandy white and the sea was bluish hue. Sticking to the original plan, we walked quickly under the sun to see the water blow. Unfortunately, it was closed for renovation. Too bad we missed it.

Local cuisine for lunch.
Nusa Dua Beach.

We continued the day trip to Pandawa Beach which I did not visit last time. We should have come here first for water sports. There were many games at reasonable price, probably due to huge number of local beach goers. Next time, if you ever want to visit beaches in South East Asia, please go to the beach that is popular among locals. If you tend to focus on the beach suggested by the tour guide, you would definitely have to pay more on tourist fees. Pandawa Beach is beautiful because it has a long stretch and wide white sands. It is also protected by the cliff and the authorities had to cut through the volcanic rocks wall to build road going to this beach.

Awesome view of Pandawa Beach

Later, we went straight to Ulu Watu Temple to see the Kecak Dance during sunset. I think for first time visitor, Kecak Dance should definitely be in your bucket list because it is very unique. Morevoer, the view of the cliff during sunset is awesome too. This should not be missed.

What a beauty. Ulu Watu Temple is located at the cliff facing Indian Ocean.
Kecak Dance overlooking the sunset never fails.
We had seafood dinner at Jimbaran Beach. Kind of pricey but nice setting.

5th April

The day I had been looking forward to! Today we went to Nusa Penida. The island is very popular among Malaysians even the billboard for visit Indonesia feature the Kelinking Beach of Nusa Penida. The ferry journey took us about 40 minutes from Sanur to Nusa Penida jetty. When we arrived, two cars had already been waiting and the journey began.

Boat ride from Sanur. We booked from an agent before the trip but it is apparently possible to book for the trip on the spot.
After 40 minutes ferry-boat ride, we finally arrived at Nusa Penida and picked up by the supir (drivers) that I booked through agent.

After a long, bumpy and horrible journey, we made the first stop was Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong. We had to walk or actually light hike to Billabong first. This one seemed interesting minus the number of tourists trying to take picture at the edge of the billabong. The guides shouted at them many times but they ignored. According to them, the wave could reach inside the billabong and swept back to the deep ocean. If it was just for an instagram post, I would rather not doing it. So, basically, I did not have good photos there because of the tourists standing at the edge.

Angel’s Billabong. Those dumb tourists went so near to the edge and the sea was rough. The wave could swept them away. Besides they ruined my photo. And what kind of photo they could get being so closed to the edge.
Beautiful Broken Beach. It was hot here.
Blue Indian Ocean

Not far from Angel’s Billabong was Broken Beach where a majestic sea was located. The view is awesome. If we had more time, I would go down to the beach too. Maybe I would save that for another trip. After 40 minutes of driving to Kelingking Beach, we realized that apparently, we left one of our friends behind. I just could not believe it. My car made a huge u-turn and saw him stranded at the tree. Thankfully, he did not do anything on his own and was so calm. A personality that I should admire because I would not have that kind of patience. We had to be on the bumpy road longer than expected because of this.

Nevertheless, we arrived at Kelingking Beach and had a nice lunch. At the place where we had lunch, we could not see any fantastic view. Where exactly was Kelingking Beach? The beach was beyond the hill and the view was majestic! You have to see it yourself. At the moment, I realize that we are just a tiny spec in this world and universe. I do not mind returning to this island. So many things to do in such short time.

I wish I could hike down but due to time limit we had to move to next destination.
How to explain that feeling when you see something amazing like this?
We stopped at Crystal Beach while waiting for the ferry-boat ride back to Sanur. It was too hot to play with the water at the beach.

We returned to Bali with sense of relieve. The long and tiring journey was over. You don’t have to go far travelling the world. Just go to Indonesia. But if you live in Europe, Africa, Americas it would be a long journey but totally worth it.

6th April

On the final day before we headed to the airport, we checked out and went to Kuta Beach area. It was so hot, I rather stayed indoors, like be at Mcdonalds and have lunch there. Here in Kuta we spent time shopping for souvenirs. I don’t know about you but I think if you want to get souvenirs you should go to Kuta area. We stayed in Seminyak but not many shops sell souvenirs.

The traffic was so bad at this hour (traffic in Bali is bad in general). Luckily we escaped the traffic and arrived at the airport few hours before the flight.