After six months of quarantine and restricted movement, I find myself eager to explore again. When is this pandemic gonna end? Okay, I know that I should have been writing especially now when I am at home most of the time. Rest assured, I am trying to get back that writer’s spirit.

But for now, I want to share about my trips to Lombok in 2018 where I hiked up Bukit Pergasingan. Coincidentally, I was there just before the earthquake that claimed few lives including one Malaysian hiker. Yet, the earthquake did not stop me from re visiting Lombok in 2019.

The view at Sembalun never fails to amaze me but I can’t deny the fact that this area is tectonically dangerous. Earthquakes can happen anytime. I wonder if I would risk it again. At least I have been there and took all of these photos.

Before entering the trail, registration was compulsory. We were quiet late today because there were quite number of people already hiked up. The trail was not that bad. I could reach the ridge in about 1 hour given my stamina at that time.

The view going up was breath taking even though it was cloudy. They said we were supposed to see the view of Rinjani (which I climbed two years earlier) but covered by clouds. Soon it was getting darker and then dusk settled in. The call for prayers were criss-crossing and I could not hear any clear prayer’s call. Lombok is known as island of thousands mosque. Finally when we arrived, a lot of tents already set up. Fortunately there were still good spot for us.

Waking up to this view. I can still remember vividly how majestic it was. Plus the fresh air and the tranquility. Thousands of photos will not justify the real atmosphere.

And yes, the bonus view of Rinjani from Pergasingan. Looking good from there. Would I ever climb Rinjani again? Maybe not. Haha.

The locals grew strawberries, onions, potatoes and cashew nuts at the valley. They sure needed more tourists to come. Soon when the situation recovers, more people would return. And bye bye Sembalun.

Bonus picture to feast your eyes. I don’t know why but the food in Lombok tasted so good. Maybe it has to do with the volcanic soil that covers the island. The rice was quite tasty. The chilly peppers is to die for.